EDT Mission Statement


  1. the pursuit of excellence in education and training for those people whose vocation is to work in the technical areas of professional theatre and related industries and to create significant opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to fulfil their potential and develop and enrich their quality of life through the practice of theatre and dramatic arts;

  1. to achieve an educational environment which supports outstanding practice-based research, continuing professional development and innovative approaches to the design and the implementation of the design within a liberal arts context;

  1. to create a culture which fosters collaboration, innovation, personal motivation and reflection, mutual tolerance and respect, professional integrity, a lateral approach to problem solving, the development of analytical minds and the practice of continual learning;

  1. to implement a curriculum which aims at the highest standards of design and performance skill and at the development of individual autonomy, curiosity, leadership, flexibility and risk-taking through imaginative forms of teaching and learning;

  1. to nurture creativity and collaboration while providing practical skills through coursework and production within a local, cultural context and International globalised context, whilst also providing a platform for Chinese traditional arts;

  1. to establish an international reputation for offering world-class education programs and to form significant local, national and international partnerships and collaborations with professional and artistic organisations and educational and community groups;

  1. to select students solely on the strength of their talent, potential, individuality and suitability to be trained;

  1. to foster academic excellence, promote superior teaching and personalized student mentoring by our entire faculty and staff;

  1. to develop and implement the highest technical theatre industry standards within Hong Kong and the Asia pacific region.

The Mission of the Department of Entertainment Design & Technology is: