MFA Curriculum


The Specialisation in Lighting Design is intended to expand students’ prior learning in lighting design for dance, drama, musicals, and opera. The curriculum also focuses on lighting disciplines such as architectural lighting, theme environments, and corporate theatre lighting.  Emphasis is placed on the development of students’ artistic processes and the programme will provide opportunities for students to investigate and master advanced forms of both art and technology.

The Specialisation in Sound Design develops students to be Sound Designers and Sound Producers with the necessary knowledge and skills to support the ever-increasing sophistication of the entertainment industry in Hong Kong, through the use of computer-controlled audio technology.  The coursework covers the aesthetics of design, composition, and recording; acoustics, advanced sound delivery systems, interactive infotainment systems, and show control software.

The Technical Direction specialisation will provide advanced learning opportunities that will broaden and further develop the managerial, technical, and engineering knowledge and skills of stage mechanists, workshop managers, technical managers, and technical directors. The technologies targeted will range from automation for stage machinery to the rigging for various forms of entertainment arts.

The courses offered will cover a wide range of topics including: technical directing, technical management, technical design, theatre planning, production planning, scheduling and budgeting, control systems and networking, entertainment rigging, and automation of stage machinery. Courses are available to be selected from other Departments of the School and the Academy and special seminars and guest lectures by noted professionals will be conducted on a regular basis.

The Department of Entertainment Design & Technology offers three Major study areas of:

  1. Lighting Design

  2. Sound Design

  3. Technical Direction

Each Major Study option will have a flexible curriculum that will encourage

students, in consultation with his/her graduate advisor, to develop individualised

study programmes. Each study programme will include Major-specific requirements

as specified by the Departments, elective specialisation courses, production

assignments, and independent studies, the structure of which is outlined in the chart below.