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If you are considering a career in the technical side of the Entertainment Industry, or even if you are not sure what a career in the Entertainment Industry is, then you will find some answers here. 

There is also information about the interview procedure and selection process for anyone considering applying to the EDT Department.

If you have any further questions, then please contact the EDT Department directly

Frequently asked questions about Entertainment Design & Technology

What is the Entertainment Industry?

The Entertainment Industry provides you and me with  entertainment.  Traditionally this would be theatre and films and radio and television.  More recently this now includes theme parks, band shows, extravaganza shows such as Cirque du Soleil as well as computer games.  All the programmes offered by the different Schools at the APA provide training in the area of the “Live” Entertainment Industry.  Where there is a live audience that attend the performance at a set time in a set location.  This is different to the film industry or the computer game industry where a final product is experienced by an audience and that film or computer game will be the same every time you watch it.  A live performance will be different every time.  For everyone involved in the performance there is some variation or even the chance that something will go wrong.  This is the challenge of working in a live environment.  All members of the production contributing their part to the performance, having an input into the performance and prepared for any changes.  This requires everyone involved to be an expert in their field and prepared to adapt and change their performance at any time. 

What is Entertainment Design and Technology?

Entertainment Design and Technology covers the design process and the technology for the Live Entertainment Industry.  That is the Lighting Design, the Sound Design, Lighting Technology to implement the Lighting Design, Sound Technology to implement the Sound Design and Technical Direction to manage the technical process.  The design process and the technology are mutually interdependent.   The Lighting or Sound Designer can come up with the ideas for the design, but it will require the technology and the Production Electrician or the Production Engineer to make it happen. 

What training does the Department of Entertainment Design and Technology provide?

The programme offered by the Department of Entertainment Design and Technology aims to provide a broad education of the back stage processes and procedures for the live entertainment Industry. 

The first year of the programme is a Foundation Year.   It provides the student with a general awareness of the production process and all the different elements that go to make a live performance.

The second year of the programme allows the student to focus on the area of Entertainment Design and Technology.  It covers the Fundamentals of Lighting, Sound and Stage Technology.  It also covers some of the support areas such as networking.

At the end of the second year each student choses their area of study for the final two years of the programme.  They can chose to focus on:

  1. Lighting Design

  2. Lighting Technology

  3. Sound Design

  4. Sound Technology

  5. Technical Direction

  6. and Music Recording.

Each student will then follow a curriculum unique to their chosen study area.

What are the career opportunities?

Programmes offered by the EDT Department:

  1. 1 year Foundation Year

  2. 3 year BFA Programme

  3. 1 year Professional Diploma

  4. Visiting student

Interview procedure and selection process

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